The arena

This is Hovet

Hovet was Stockholm’s first ice hockey arena and is considered one of Sweden’s most ancient arenas. It was inaugurated as early as 1955, then as an open arena with the name Johanneshovs Isstadion. 8 years later, the specially designed roof was added and in 1989 the arena was officially named Hovet.

Today, Hovet is home ground to AIK Hockey and Djurgården Hockey and a popular multi-arena that, in addition to hockey, also is widely used for concerts and corporate events. Over the years, greats like Queen, Prince, Rihanna, Pink and Stevie Wonder visited the arena.



Inaugurated: November 4, 1955
Architects: Paul Hedqvist (head architect), David Jawerth (roof designer)

Hovet_Ehnemark, Jan

Did you know?

Before the arena was to be inaugurated, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter announced a competition in search of a name for the arena. Among many suggestions were “The refrigerator” and “Finally” (by someone who had waited a long time for a hockey arena).

Johanneshovs isstadion

Johanneshovs isstadion

The arena was eventually named Johanneshovs isstadion and in 1989 it was officially renamed Hovet (the nickname for Johanneshovs isstadion).

Hovet_hockey copy

The first hockey game

…was played at the inauguration – a game between Sweden and Norway that Sweden won with 7-2. The World Cup tournament at the same venue 8 years later became a great sporting and economic success which also contributed to ignite a great interest in Hockey in Sweden.


Capacity sport

Approx. 8 100.


Capacity concerts

Approx. 9 000 people, depending on position and layout of the stage.

WOW moments

European Championship in boxing, 1957

Hovet has been the venue for sporting events other than hockey. Looking closely at the picture and you will find the boxing ring where Ingemar “Ingo” Johansson himself defended his title by a knockout in the fifth round against Henry Cooper.
Photographer: Jan Ehnemark

WOW moments

The Beatles, 1964

“Twist and shout”, “I want to hold your hand”, “Can´t buy me love”, “A hard day´s night”. For 8 Swedish crowns, the Swedish audience could experience these classics when The Beatles performed for 4 concerts during two summer evenings.

WOW moments

Lauryn Hill, 2019

The late 90’s most influential album “The miseducation of Lauryn Hill” celebrated 20 years and one of the biggest R&B/hip hop stars of our time chose to celebrate at Hovet. A crowded arena witnessed her still unfailing flow between rap and great soul.

WOW moments

ABBA, 1979

One of the world’s most successful and beloved pop groups of all time got the whole Hovet dancing. It was ABBA’s last arena gig in Sweden and “… ovations and applause after almost every song.”, as one newspaper reported.
Photo: Anders Hanser