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Here, we’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions that we typically receive, along with their corresponding answers, of course! The provided information is of a general nature – for event-specific details, you’ll find relevant information on the event page a few days before the event.



If you’ve searched through our FAQ and still haven’t found the answer to your question, please reach out to us or any of our suppliers or promoters. For inquiries related to tickets, you can also contact our ticket suppliers.

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Ticket purchases, cancellation protection etc.

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Before your visit

Timings, security, food & drinks etc.

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After your visit

Lost & found, feedback etc.

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Accessibility, visits with children etc.

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The Stockholm Live app

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  • Tickets for our events are sold through our ticket suppliers AXSTicketmaster and via our own ticket portal for Friends Arena. Tickets are available for sale at stockholmlive.comfriendsarena.setele2arena.se, through our box offices as well as through promotors and our ticket suppliers.

    We recommend you to only buy tickets through authorized resellers and we always refer to authorized resellers on our websites mentioned above.

    Ticket support for events in Avicii Arena, Tele2 Arena, Friends Arena, Hovet, Annexet, Betongparken

    Telephone support:
    +46(0)770-33 75 00 (opening hours mon-fri 09:00-12:00)
    Mailsupport: support.axs.com
    Telephone support accessibility tickets: +46(0)8-446 852 39

    Ticket support for events in Friends Arena

    Swedish Men´s Fotball Team
    Purchase tickets at ticket.friendsarena.se
    Mailsupport: biljett@friendsarena.se (vardagar kl 09.00-17.00)

    Sweden International Horseshow
    Purchase tickets at ticket.friendsarena.se/sihs
    Email support: biljett@friendsarena.se (weekdays; 09.00-17.00)

    Concerts and Melodifestivalen
    Purchase tickets at ticketmaster.se
    Telephone bookings: +46 771 70 70 70 (weekdays; 09.00 – 17.00)
    Email support: hjalp.ticketmaster.se/

    AIK Fotboll
    Purchase tickets at ticket.friendsarena.se/aik
    Email support: aikbiljett@aikfotboll.se (weekdays; 09.00-17.00)

  • If you purchased tickets through AXS to an event at Avicii Arena, Tele2 Arena, Hovet, Annexet or Betongparken

    It may take up to 24 hours for order confirmation and e-tickets to arrive. AXS ticket office is working hard to ensure that your tickets are sent to you as soon as possible. To ensure that the tickets do not end up in your junk mail, you are advised to add noreply@boxoffice.axs.nu as contact.
    If you still can not find your tickets, you can log in to www.axs.com/se with your email address and find copies of your tickets.

    If you bought tickets via ticket.friendsarena.se to AIK Football, Swedish Men´s Football Team or Sweden International Horseshow

    The tickets were sent to your e-mail address immediately after the booking was completed. Please check that they have not got into your spam folder addressed from noreply@friendsarena.se. If you still cannot find the tickets, you can log in to www.friendsarena.se/en/konto with your e-mail address and find copies of your tickets. Should you still experience problems please feel free to contact us at biljett@friendsarena.se

    If you mailto:biljett@friendsarena.sepurchased tickets through ticketmaster.se to a concert or Melodifestivalen at Friends Arena

    Log in to ticketmaster.se for copies of your tickets. If you have questions, please contact Ticketmaster.

  • Yes, as long as the smartphone is damage-free because the scanning machines are sensitive. However, we recommend that you print it out to facilitate entry or alternatively download the ticket as a PDF file and increase the brightness on the screen before scanning. Avoid taking a screenshot/screen copy of the ticket on your smartphone as this worsens the quality of the image and makes it more difficult to scan.

  • Stockholm Live is only liable for the sale of tickets from our web sites (stockholmlive.com, friendsarena.se, tele2arena.se) our box offices, via the event promotor and ticket suppliers. We strongly advise you against the purchase of tickets from any other service or seller because we cannot guarantee the validity or the existence of the ticket and, you risk paying much more than the face value of the ticket.

    The automated ticket checking terminals at the arenas scan each ticket for a unique EAN code upon entry on the day of the event. The EAN code can only be used once and a person using a copy of a ticket will be refused entry. You cannot check in advance whether a ticket is valid or not.

  • No, it is only when the ticket has been scanned at the Arena that you will know that the ticket is valid.

  • Purchased tickets cannot be redeemed.
    If an event is cancelled a ticket can be redeemed at the point of purchase.

  • Tickets are not ‘personalized’ unless stated otherwise at the time of purchase. Where a promotor chooses to personalize tickets for an event, you will be informed of it on the event page. In such a case, if your name appears on the ticket you will be asked to provide valid identification to gain entry to the Arena.

  • During the ticket purchase you are asked to provide contact information, which gives us the possibility to contact you if any changes occur in regards to the event.

    We also publish the information in our social media channels and on our website. Please note that we cannot foresee events that might lead to cancellation. This type of information is normally handled by the promoter in charge, who then passes on the information to us. If there are uncertainties regarding any specific event, we kindly ask you to contact the promoter directly.

  • With the cancellation protection, you are entitled to cancellation if you or your relatives suffer from acute illness, accident or an incident at home such as burglary, fire, water damage or likewise.

    Read below how to apply for cancellation:

    Cancellation notification must be made by e-mail to info@stockholmlive.com as soon as the circumstance has become known to you and latest by the time the event begins, according to the event ticket.

    In the application, please state: name, booking number, address and telephone number of the person to whom the notification / cancellation relates and a description of the reason for the notification / cancellation.
    It is important that you send documentation that supports your claim to cancellation protection as soon as possible after the application / cancellation.
    Submit the documentation and send it to info@stockholmlive.com no later than 10 days after the registration / cancellation, in order for us to review your case and pay the compensation.

    If you are unable to attend the event due to the valid reasons listed and wish to use the cancellation protection, send us your unused event ticket in original. You also need to strengthen the circumstance with:
    (a) In case of acute illness, accident or death, medical certificate from the attending physician and, where applicable, death certificate.
    b) In the case of police or rescue services, certificates from the authority. For other unforeseen cases, emergency or damage in the residence, a detailed account of what has happened and notification to insurance companies.

    We undertake the right to pay the compensation to you who purchased the cancellation insurance if you have requested cancellation and supplemented with documentation within time and all the conditions are met. We will usually process the payment within 10 days after the complete cancellation and necessary documentation is received. Refunds will be issued after the event has taken place.

    For general terms of cancellation protection click here

Before your visit

  • We usually get the event times from the event promotor a few days before the event, and we then publish them on the event page. We also send a welcome e-mail to visitors who stated their e-mail address when buying tickets.

    Please note due to the nature of live entertainment, all times including end of show times are approximate and subject to change and neither the event promotor or we can confirm what time the main artists will arrive on stage in advance. If you have further questions or concerns about this, please contact the event promotor directly. Each event page shows who is the event promotor. To events.

  • We usually get the event times from the event promotor a few days before the event, and we then publish them on the event page. We also send a welcome e-mail to visitors who stated their e-mail address when buying tickets.

    Please note due to the nature of live entertainment, all times including end of show times are approximate and subject to change and neither the event promotor or we can confirm what time the main artists will arrive on stage in advance.

    If you have further questions or concerns about this, please contact the event promotor directly. Each event page shows who is the event promotor. To events.

  • You find the best itineraries and arena overviews for each arena here:

  • The following rules apply, unless otherwise stated on the event page here on stockholmlive.com. To events

    Dangerous or bulky items
    You are not allowed to bring into the arena items that could cause damage to the arenas, injury to its staff or other visitors. These include, but are not limited to the following items; weapons, fireworks and other dangerous and fire hazard items. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, thermos’, aluminium cans and flag poles other than soft plastic, or clothing items/flags with text or symbols expressing contempt for ethnic, or other groups.

    You are also not allowed to bring into the arenas bulky items such as large umbrellas and collapsible chairs.

    Food and drink
    You are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks into the arenas. For safety reasons you are not allowed to bring bottles into the arenas regardless of material and content.

    Sound and image capture equipment
    Standard cameras, film cameras and other sound/image recording equipment are not allowed inside the Arenas.

    No bag policy
    The Swedish Police Authority has of November 2023 instituted a complete ban on bringing bags to large events. Exceptions will be considered only for medical reasons and for the care bag of children. This policy will be gradually enforced in the near future. We urge you to frequently check the promotor’s website for the latest updates and your email for additional instructions before attending the event.
    Read more on Polismyndigheten’s website

  • System cameras or other professional sound or image recording device may not be brought into the arena. Mobile cameras or small compact cameras are usually allowed.  For some events, there is a strict photo ban. It is the promotor who decides on any eventual photo ban and whether a camera is approved to bring into the arena. On each event page, it is stated who is the promotor. To events.

  • Quality Hotel Globe

    Just around the corner from our events and our arenas in Johanneshov you will find Quality Hotel™ Globe, with 524 fresh rooms. Here you will also find a great lobby, bar & restaurant whick makes the hotel the perfect place to meet up before the event starts.

    Book hotel now – pay in advance!
    Book hotel now – pay at the hotel!

    Quality Hotel Friends

    Quality Hotel™ Friends, a design and conference hotel, is literally next door to Friends Arena. It has 400 rooms, a large lobby and a bar and restaurant. It is the perfect place to meet up ahead of a show or football match.

  • Yes, read more about the restaurants, bars and kiosks in each arena here:

    Opening hours and access to bars and restaurants vary between different events, read more about what applies before your visit on the event page.

    To make your visit safer, faster and easier, our arenas are cash-free.

  • You should feel safe and secure during events at our arenas. In Sweden, it is the event organizer’s responsibility for the safety of the audience. However, with our extensive experience in large-scale events and as the leading arena operator in Sweden, we collaborate closely with responsible authorities and organizers to create secure events.

    We collaborate with responsible authorities when it comes to broader security issues within our arena areas. This is to ensure that we always have the latest information and tools that may be necessary to help create safe and secure events.

    The specific security measures for each event depend on the needs identified by the organizer and the police, considering both the nature of the event and external factors. This work begins long before the event takes place and continues until the event is completed. Exact details of the security measures for individual events are never disclosed externally, as such information could be misused.

    We would like to highlight some general points regarding the efforts to ensure safe and secure events for you as a visitor. This is also to provide you with knowledge on how you can contribute to creating a secure arena experience:

    Cameras and Security Personnel Around the Clock

    We monitor our arenas 24/7, 365 days a year. This is done through camera surveillance monitored by security personnel and by security guards patrolling our premises.

    Staff on Site – Alert as Needed

    During events, you will encounter many of our hosts in the arena. If you notice anything unusual or require assistance, please inform our staff about what has happened, and they will assist in alerting the necessary authorities.

    Entrance Checks (Arrive in Advance)

    To enter our arenas, you will pass through either alarm gates, handheld metal detectors, or manual security screenings. Please arrive in advance ahead of the event, and always follow current advice and instructions for the event you are attending. As many of our events now have enhanced entry controls, please keep informed of any specific requirements before you arrive for your visit. You can find event-specific information on the page for the event you will be attending and general information in our FAQ.

    Closed Arenas Mean Safer Arenas

    You will encounter locked doors in our areas when there are no events taking place. No entry is allowed without proper authorization. All personnel working with us have undergone various forms of background checks.

  • No, the person who, after entry, leaves the venue is not entitled to re-enter since the ticket has already been used once.

  • Due to the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency on high volumes there is a general age restriction for concerts at the arenas. It is incumbent upon the event owner to follow this, in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Management Agency. The age restriction is 13 YOA, even if the child is accompanied by an adult guardian. Exceptions are made for events that are specifically for children.

    Some people may wonder why the onus is not on the parents to protect their child’s hearing, for example with earplugs. The intention of the general guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency is to protect the hearing of all children – even if parents are cognisant of how to protect their hearing or not. It is the responsibility of the event owner that the sound environment and sound levels do not cause harm to visitors’ hearing. According to Swedish law (The Environmental Code) the event owner cannot transfer the responsibility of protecting the hearing of visitors to the visitors.

    At some events – see the individual event page – small children sitting in the lap of their parents has free entrance. All other events demand a ticket from all visitors regardless of age.

    An 18-year age limit applies to events where food and beverage are being served. The bars usually have a 20-year age limit for serving alcohol.

  • It is the promotor who decides whether the roof will be open or closed during an event at Tele2 Arena and Friends Arena. However, the roof is usually closed during concerts and during sport events it’s usually open (depending on the weather) during March-Nov.

  • At bigger concerts, temporary cloakroom solutions are usually available, but it varies from event to event and is a decision taken by the promotor of the event. Read more about what applies ahead of your visit on the event page where we update with information a few days before the event. To events.

  • Yes, there are multiple charging stations from Charge Fuze displayed at visible and easily accessible locations around our arenas where you can rent portable chargers.

  • Cueing is allowed from 07:00 AM on the day of the event. For security reasons, earlier cueing and camping around the arena is strictly forbidden.

  • Sometimes it may happen that the view from a particular seat is obscured by, for example, technology or stage equipment that has been added during the guesting productions stage building. In such a case or in case of other problems with the seats please visit the Guest Service/Information Desk as soon as possible and the staff will try to help you find other seats.

    Any complaints should always be made on-site at the arena’s Guest Service/Information desk. After the event has concluded, the seats are considered approved by you as a guest.

  • Smoking is prohibited in and around our arenas, and we don’t have any smoking areas to refer to at the moment.

After your visit

  • You can call our switchboard at +46(0)8-600 91 00, Lost and Found have opening hours Monday-Friday between 09:00-10:00. Other times, you are welcome to e-mail info@stockholmlive.com. Please leave further information about the object missing and the date of your visit to see if it has been found.

  • If you have any queries or problems during an event, please contact one of the on-site staff or our Guest service/Information desk and they will try to help you.

    During the majority of events at our arenas, Stockholm Live rents out the arena to a promotor. The promotor has the main responsibility for the event, which includes times, security planning, event design, age limit, sound- and light production. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the promotor directly. Each event page shows who is the promotor.

    For questions or comments about food & beverage, you are welcome to contact our suppliers:

    Friends Arena: Five Moments.
    Tele2 Arena: Levy Restaurants.

    For other questions and viewpoints, please email us at info@stockholmlive.com


  • All our arenas have accessibility seats ready for anyone with extra need of accessibility in order to get in or out of the arena, or to be able to experience the event first-hand.

    Accessibility seats include the need for a wheelchair, impaired hearing or sight, limited mobility or any extra need that might occur. Any eventual accompanying person is welcome free of charge. The accompanier will be seated in a separate chair next to, or alternatively, in a regular seat behind.

    The exact amount of accessibility seats depends on the design of the event and its total audience capacity. All our arenas conform to the recommendations from SKL (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting) that 2 permille of the available seats on any event should consist of accessibility seats. For any particular event, the amount of accessibility seats is decided by the promoter depending on design and audience capacity. Guide or assistance dogs are allowed to take to the accessability seats in each arena.

    To book a ticket with guide or assistance dog, contact info@stockholmlive.com

  • If you want to book an accessibility ticket to an event in Avicii Arena, Tele2 Arena, Hovet or Annexet, contact out ticket vendor AXS and they will help you.

    Mailsupport: support.axs.com
    Telephone support accessibility tickets: +46(0)8-446 852 39

    If you want to book an accessibility ticket to an event at Friends Arena, contact our ticket support and we will help you.

  • In connection to events in Avicii Arena and Hovet there is often the possibility of indoor stroller parking inside the arenas.

    In connection to events at Tele2 Arena there is an assigned outdoor area for stroller parking. Ask our event hosts for directions. Please note that this push chair parking is unattended so feel free to bring your own pram lock. In connection with events at Tele2 Arena, locks are offered for sale at Ticket Info Norr.

    In connection to events at Friends Arena, strollers are usually allowed into the arena if they do not prevent or block evacuation routes and emergency exits. However, this is a promotor decision.

    If you are wondering what applies to a specific event, please contact the promotor. Each event page shows who is the promotor.

    Please bare in mind that Stockholm Live takes no responsibility for the stroller in case of damage or theft.

    • Avicii Arena – nursery rooms are found at section A7. Keys are available at the information desk next to entrance 2.
    • Hovet – two handicap toilets with nursery tables are available at the foyer on each short side.
    • Annexet – please talk to our event hosts for access to the nearest nursery room at the Avicii Arena.
    • Tele2 Arena – all handicap toilets are equipped with nursery tables.
    • Friends Arena – there are four baby changing rooms located at each corner of the arena on stand 1 – at sections 103, 118, 123 and 138. At stand 2 there is a baby changing room at section 232 and on the private box level (level 5) there are two baby changing rooms adjacent to boxes 30 and 57.

The Stockholm Live app

  • 1. Buy tickets
    Through us or other authorized resellers

    2. Download the app
    The Stockholm Live app is available on the App Store and Google Play

    3. Create an app account
    Use the same email address to create an account as when you bought the ticket

    4. Verify
    Now a verification email will be sent. Click on Verify so that we know you are you

    ​​​​​5. Get you tickets
    Find and get your tickets in the app under ► My Events

    6. Enjoy!
    Scan your digital ticket in the entrance and have an amazing live experience

  • You download the Stockholm Live app in the AppStore if you have an iPhone and in Google Play if you have an Android. Search For Stockholm Live.

  • A new ticket technology called AXS Mobile ID has launched. It delivers tickets safe and securely to you digitally through the Stockholm Live app. You will need the app to get and scan your tickets through this delivery method.

    And it’s not just that – the app makes your event experience easier and better in multiple ways. Here are some ways this happens:

    – You can have all your events and tickets in one place

    – You can keep up to date on all upcoming concerts and games

    – You can buy tickets to all our events and get your tickets directly into the app

  • For events at Tele2 Arena, Avicii Arena, Hovet, Annexet, Betongparken
    A new ticket technology called AXS Mobile ID has launched. It delivers tickets safe and securely to you digitally through the Stockholm Live app. With this delivery method the app is needed to get your tickets. With the app you can easily scan the tickets in the entrance.

    For events at Friends Arena
    You don’t have to download the app but we recommend that you do to get the most out of your visit with us. In the app you will find everything you need: Your ticket, important information about your upcoming event, latest news, competitions and much more.

  • After you have downloaded the app through AppStore (if you have an iPhone) or Google Play (if you have an Android) you can follow the steps below:

    1. On the apps launch page, click on LOG IN OR SIGN UP.

    2. Fill in the required fields and use the same email address that you used when you bought your tickets through AXS, Ticketmaster or Seatgeek. Then choose if you would like information from Stockholm Live about latest events, offers and important information (we recommend you do this).

    3. Click on SIGN UP. Now a verification email will be sent to your email address. Open the email and click on Verify so that we know you are you. And that’s that!

  • For events at Tele2 Arena, Avicii Arena, Hovet, Annexet and Betongparken
    For these events you will have to download the app to get your tickets and show them at the entrance. There will not be sent any PDF or e-ticket to you. The app is needed to access the event.

    For events at Friends Arena
    You don’t have to create an app account, but we recommend that you do. You can use the app and view some content but without creating an account you will miss out on some great functionality. In addition to being able to manage your tickets in an easy way you also get access to important information about your upcoming event, latest news and much more.

  • No, you don’t need to log into the app every time. You will be logged into the app until you decide to log out.

  • If you have used different email addresses to purchase your ticket you can easily add more emails.
    Here is how:

    1. Go to ► My Account ► Settings ► Link ticket accounts

    2. Add the email address you would like to add. Then we will send a verification email to the email address you entered. Open the email and click on verify so that we know you are you. Now the accounts will get linked and you can manage and view your tickets in the app under ► My events.

  • Use the ticket in the app! It’s the easiest and safest way. It’s also a lot better for the environment. And you will get a lot of event information and other functionality this way.

  • The most common reason is that you have used a different email address to purchase the ticket than the one you used to sign up to the app. You can easily solve this by adding another email address to the app.

    Here is how:

    Go to ► My Account ► Settings ► Link ticket accounts

    Add the email address you would like to add. Then we will send a verification email to the email address you entered. Open the email and click on verify so that we know you are you. Now the accounts will get linked and you can manage and view your tickets in the app under ► My events.

    Another reason can be that you have not yet verified your email address through the verification email we sent you when you created your account. You can solve this by:

    1. Search through your inbox and look out for any emails from noreply@stockholmlive.com. Remember to also check your spam folder

    2. If you can’t find it you can send it again by going to My account ► Settings ► Click on Re-send verification email

  • Tickets to the different games will be added you the app just like normal tickets. Each ticket will be added at different times depending on which ticketing reseller you have purchased from.

  • For events at Tele2 ArenaAvicii ArenaHovet, Annexet and Betongparken

    1. Go to ► My Events

    2. Click on ► Show tickets

    3. Choose the event you would like to share the tickets for and click on ► Share

    4. Mark one or multiple of the tickets you would like to share

    5. Add the email address and name of the person you are sharing the tickets with and transfer the ticket by clicking on Next and Confirm transfer. The person you shared the tickets with, will now receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve the tickets. The instructions include how to create an AXS account and how to download the app and create an app account.

    For events at Friends Arena
    Right now it’s not possible to share tickets through the app. You can however share your PDF ticket through email if you would like.

  • If the person you transferred the ticket to has an AXS account, they need to log in to their account and send the ticket back to you. Follow the steps under “Can I forward my tickets to someone else via the app?” to do this.

    If the person does not have an AXS account, you can revoke your ticket as follows:

    1. Go to “My Events”

    2. Click on “View Ticket”

    3. Select “Transferred” from the top menu

    4. Choose the ticket you want to revoke

    5. Click “Revoke” at the bottom and confirm the revocation

    6. Check that the ticket is revoked under “Upcoming” in the top menu.

  • Please come prepared and charge your phone prior to the event. You could also bring a powerbank. If something were to happen and your phone doesn’t work when at the entrance you can always go to our ticketing office to get help.

  • It depends on how badly the screen is broken. Usually, the ticket scanning will work with less serious scratches. If you have trouble scanning your ticket when at the entrance you can always go to our ticketing office to get help.

  • The app is asking you for permission to these features so that the app works in the best possible way and so that you get the most out of your event. We want to send you relevant and location-based information prior to or during the event. You can choose yourself what permission you want to allow by going to

    ► My account ► Settings

  • We send out push notification when something special that we want to inform you about happens prior to or before an event. You can choose yourself what permission you want to allow but we recommend that you keep push notifications enabled so that you don’t miss out on any important information or deals. You can turn on or off notifications by going to ► My account ► Settings

  • If you have an iPhone and haven’t used the Stockholm Live-app in a while you, the app might have been offloaded from your phone. A cloud icon will be visible next to the app. If you don’t have automatic updates for apps switched on, next time you open the app the latest version you used will be shown instead of the latest update. To update to the latest version – re-install the app by deleting it and install it again from App Store.