For most events, wheelchair tickets are available through our website and the Stockholm Live app. At other occasions, please contact our ticket distributor AXS for more help.

The number of places available, as well as their location, varies depending on the nature and design of the event. Any guest in a wheelchair has the right to be followed by an accompanying person without extra charge. The accompanier will be seated at a chair next to, or alternatively, right behind the wheelchair. For more than one accompanier, special attestation needs to be shown at the entrance.


Functional variations

If you have a functional variation that doesn’t require using a wheelchair, we recommend seats at row 14 to avoid stairs as these rows are on a level with the entrance. Row 13 is then one level down, and row 15 one level up and so forth. Keep in mind that the steps inside Hovet are relatively high.

Crutches may be brought into the arena.


Travel service

If you arrive by travel service, the area most suited for arrival or departure is the east short side of Hovet, towards Nynäsvägen.

If you need travel service for departure after the event we recommend keeping a 30 minute margin when booking, as precise end times for sport events and concerts often varies.


By car

If you arrive in your own car and carry a disability permit, you can find designated parking spaces at Globen Shopping and in Arenagaraget under the Tele2 Arena, but please remember that these spaces are quickly filled as crowds grow.


Visual interpretation

At concerts, the promotor decides availability of the radio receivers depending on technical formats. You can find information on who arranges each concert at the event page.


Guide or assistance dogs

Guide or assistance dogs are allowed to take to the accessability seats in each arena. If you want to book that type of seat, contact